Journal CLI - Write Journal in Notion using CLI

Journal CLI - Write Journal in Notion using CLI

Built using NodeJS and Notion API


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Hello folks, today I tried to play around with Notion API and NodeJS to create a CLI which can write Journal for you and store it in a Notion Database.

These days, there is a lot of stuff going on in our lives and we want to focus on the ones which matter most to us. One way to solve this is by writing a journal and sorting this chaotic mess.

Using Notion, we can create beautiful interactive notes and much more. Using the power of notion and efficiency of CLI, I developed this quick way, you can start journaling, by answering just 5 questions at the end of the day and the Journal will be saved in a database in Notion.!

NPM Link -

Duplicate Template

To Get Started Duplicate this Notion Template


Then Install Journal CLI from NPM using npm i -g journal-notion-cli

Connect to Notion

Connect to the notion by running journal connect

Write Journal

Write a journal every day using journal write and answer a few questions.



Source Code

If you like it and want to know more, do check out the GitHub repo at

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