Manage your GitHub Starred Repositories

Using the Star List feature in GitHub


1 min read

Hello folks, this is a quick article about how you can manage your GitHub's starred repositories.

You must have come across hundreds of awesome GitHub repositories but the problem is it's very hard to find the one you want at that moment in time.

For this, we usually star our GitHub repositories, but we forget about them.

To solve this, I came across this feature in GitHub (still in beta), where you can create lists to organize your starred repositories.

To do this you just click on the arrow icon next to Star Star

You will be presented with a dropdown to select an existing list or create a new list List

Once you select a list, it will be saved in that list. You can revisit it by going to Your Stars YourStars

And you can see all your lists, you can go through them, search in them, etc. StarList

That's it for this article. Hope you found it useful. Share your thoughts down below.

Till next time, peace.