SGB Analyzer - Analyze & Compare SGBs

SGB Analyzer - Analyze & Compare SGBs

Analyze & Compare Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGBs) & Identify SGBs at Discounts!


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Hello everyone, a couple of days ago, I wrote this post about SGB Discount Calculator & created this tool

I have been overwhelmed by the response received for this. Special thanks to Alok Jain sir for sharing this with his followers on Twitter.

The website has received has been used by 2500 users on the first day itself. There has been a lot of feedback & feature requests which has been shared by fellow Twitteratis. I have tried my best to integrate these features, thus making this tool more like an analysis tool, thus changing in the name to SGB Analyzer

Below are the new features that have been added as part of this update:

  • Ask Price is now considered instead of Last Traded Price
  • Gold rate is fetched from IBJA in accordance with RBI reference.
  • More Accurate Calculations for Fair Value & Discounts
  • Ability to Download in-depth details of all SGBs in CSV format containing (Interest Payment Dates, Amount of Interest Payment Remaining, No of Interest payments remaining and a few more along with columns on the screen)
  • Added Today's Traded Volume column & Ability to filter only liquid bonds added
  • Added Yield To Maturity column
  • Added Discount to Gold Price column
  • Ability to Filter SGBs by searching
  • Ability to Sort all columns
  • Added missing 12 SGBs
  • Few UI/UX improvements

All these features & updates would have only been possible due to constant feedback from the community, would like to thank everyone who used it. Do contact me on Twitter or Email if you have any feedback or suggestions!

The tool is open-sourced on GitHub you can check it out here:

If you like this tool, do support me by using the "Support Me" button, and keep reading my content by subscribing to newsletters. Till next time, peace.

Disc: This is not a piece of investment advice. It is for educational purposes only. Do your due diligence before investing

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