Shoppable - E-commerce For Everyone

Shoppable - E-commerce For Everyone


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Shoppable is A Platform to create an online store for your business. Powered by Redis Stack!. You can visit it here


Languages/Technologies Used

NodeJS Angular Redis Stack (RedisJSON, RedisSearch, Redis Streams)


Additional Info

Process Flow

  • Merchant can register on the platform and create a store
  • He can add the items to the inventory
  • A customer can visit that merchant store
  • Customers can purchase items listed by the merchant
  • Merchant will receive the order and will fulfil it
  • Customer will receive notifications regarding the order

Technical Overview

  • There are 6 microservices (merchant, inventory, customer, order, update, file-upload)
  • All servers are based on NodeJS
  • The client is based on Angular and Angular Material
  • An Nginx is used to route requests to various microservices as a reverse proxy
  • Redis Stack is integrated with the help of Redis OM and Node Redis NodeJS libraries
  • Redis Stack is hosted on Redis Cloud itself
  • RedisJSON, RedisSearch and Redis Streams has been used
  • RedisJSON is used to store JSON documents for various schema such as Merchant, Customer, Product, Order, etc.
  • RedisSearch is used alongside RedisJSON to search through different repositories
  • Redis Streams is used for publishing and listening to order updates and sending emails using Mailjet to the customer regarding the update
  • Apart from this, Google Cloud Storage is also used to store images of the products uploaded by the merchant



Application Screenshots

Merchant Login Login

Merchant Dashboard Merchant Dashboard

Merchant Inventory Merchant Inventory

Merchant Add/Edit Product Merchant Add/Edit Product

Merchant Orders Merchant Orders

Store Home Store Home

Product Page

Product Page



Order Details

Order Details

Email Notification

Email Notification

More details are available on the GitHub repo:

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